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Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve food. Freezing reduces loss of taste and quality to a minimum.
Van Abeelen has a special branch for refrigerators and freezers: Food Processing Technology (formerly Unifreezing). This branch has a state-of-the-art line of machinery for professional cooling and freezing. We offer long-lasting, advanced refrigeration and/or freezing solutions for all your needs.
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Our Food Processing Technology Products:

Who Are We?

Van Abeelen supplies refrigeration and freezing equipment for the global food industry. We are a specialist engineering and manufacturing company. We are committed to continuous innovation and are widely recognized as a leader in the cooling, freezing and hygiene technology sector.

With our professional team, we are able to design the appropriate customized machinery for you. Customized products are our specialty! Naturally, our machines meet the highest food safety standards.

We are active in almost every sector; convenience food, pet food, ready-made meals, frozen snacks, fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, poultry products and bakery products (frozen bread, cakes and pastry products).

Why freeze products?

Most foods spoil easily due to microbiological, chemical and physical processes, all of which cause the product to deteriorate. This process is in direct relation to temperature. Therefore, rapidly lowering the temperature of the product to a point when microbial growth stops and chemical changes are slowed down (to -18 C), is a crucial element for maintaining the value of the product.

We supply various tunnel and spiral systems which achieve this!

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