PLC technology for Automation and Maintenance

The era of pushing On and Off buttons is long gone. Advanced PLC technology controls air-conditioning, and the indoor climate. Water pumps, cold water-machines, air handling cabinets and air conditioners automatically adjust when conditions are not stable, ensuring optimal operation and energy efficiency.

PLC technology to regulate refrigeration is the key to energy-efficient cooling and freezing technology. The intelligence of the control, in addition to the cooling design, determines the amount of energy consumed. Smart control strategies are therefore an integral part of our PLC programs.

Why PLC?

PLC is used for the automation of machinery and industrial production lines, among other applications. PLC systems are designed to be resistant to harmful external influences such as moisture, vibration, noise, and dust, etc.

Smart Control Technology

The smart control technology settings are designed so that the operation of the technical installation adjusts itself automatically when conditions are unstable. This ensures that operation and energy efficiency are always optimal. This saves time because there is no need for constant manual inspections. Our engineers also make remote adjustments when needed. New installations are often equipped with PLC technology.

PLC Technology for Existing Installations

PLC technology for existing installations is also an option. From experience, we know that such updates can easily result in 30% savings. Van Abeelen is happy to assist you in assessing which of your installations could run more energy-efficiently. Not only a win for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Remote management

Van Abeelen makes use of IoT (Internet of Things); interconnected devices and installations which communicate with each other.

In the Van Abeelen tailored portal , you can see the performance of your installations. This is an operational tool in a well-protected cloud environment.

We provide you with insight into all controllable functions in your installation, such as temperatures, for example, air and glycol.

A number of advantages:

  • Remote control by your technical department.
  • Optimal energy consumption.
  • Van Abeelen monitors your cooling installations;
    • In case of a malfunction a quicker reaction to solve the problem can be made.
    • We can instruct your technical service to solve the problem themselves, which saves you money.

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