Heat pumps

Heat pumps can extract heat from the environment (the ground, the air and water). This is “recovered” heat, and can be used for air-conditioning and/or heating. It works the same as refrigeration technology, but the other way around. Heat pumps and cooling units; a marriage made in heaven. Heat pumps are an ideal addition to cooling units, for customers who want to cool and heat work-spaces or industrial applications.

Energy-Saving Solutions for Heat pumps

Saving energy when buying or renting a heat pump is high on our list of priorities. In the design phase, energy-saving is our standard starting point. We calculate all possible variants, from A to Z, as we only like good surprises. Time and time again, our energy designs for heat extraction prove that your investment is easily recouped. A 20% to 30% energy-saving margin is likely. This is not only beneficial for you, but also for the environment.

Three frequently-used heat pump systems

Air/Air-Heat Pump

Air/air-heat pumps extract heat from external air and heat up the room with an air-blower. This is, in fact, the reverse of how a refrigerator works. These devices are essentially selected to work as air-conditioners but can be switched to function as heat-pumps by converting a valve.

Air/Water Heat Pump

Air/water heat pumps extract energy from the air and that energy is then pumped up to a higher temperature. This process transfers heat to the water. This is an ideal heating system.

Water/Water Heat Pump

Water/water heat pumps extract the heat from water or from the ground, using water.
The bigger the heat exchanger, the more efficient the installation will be.

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