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Air-conditioning technology, also called climate-control, is a basic requirement for companies nowadays. Working or spending time in a room with stale air, below-par temperatures or excessive humidity is exhausting. It can even be harmful to your health. Good climate-control technology ensures the correct temperature, a healthy amount of oxygen, and an optimal humidity level.

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The ideal climatic conditions can be adjusted and controlled remotely, with PLC-technology.With a selection of airconditioning, cold water machines, air handling cabinets (AHU) and heat pumps, perhaps heat pumps? Van Abeelen would be delighted to consult with you.

Customized Indoor Climates

No indoor climate is the same. Climate control for a medium-sized office building requires a different approach to that of a sports hall. After all, the conditions are different. Indoor climate expert Van Abeelen consults with you and maps your needs. After that, the initial feedback is given. Next, we design a climate installation that is tailored to suit your needs and is future-proof. We supply all kinds of installations to manage indoor climates; from compact air conditioning split units to large industrial heat pumps. Of course, our services are on standby 24/7 for emergencies and maintenance issues.

Fine-tuned climate technology

Climate technology ensures a perfect balance between ventilation, heating, cooling and moisture management. Getting these elements right can help people perform more efficiently and promote well-being. Therefore, employers will find that it’s definitely worth investing in optimal climate control. Anyone who can read between the lines will understand that a comfortable indoor climate can even reduce absenteeism. Van Abeelen often installs climate control solutions in public buildings, offices and production halls within the food and non-food sectors.

A comfortable indoor climate can even reduce absenteeism.

Pleasant temperature

Professional advice on the climate system to suit your needs and requirements is important. Is it frequently too hot or too cold in your production hall? Are you unable to control the temperature in your office? Being indoor climate experts, Van Abeelen would be happy to advise you on the various options for quickly resolving these problems.

Examples of climate technology applications

• climate system for pasteurisation areas
• cleanrooms in laboratories
• climate technology in swimming pools
• climate technology for industrial premises

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