The Environment and Refrigeration Technology

The environment and refrigeration technology; this is a somewhat complicated issue. However, we place great emphasis on environmentally-friendly solutions and sustainability. Why burden the environment when it’s not necessary? We love the ideal scenario. Which is why we constantly take the environment into account when designing refrigeration and air-conditioning and cooling installations. This challenge makes our jobs even more interesting. We are constantly looking for alternative refrigerants, ever-more energy-efficient cooling solutions, as well as deriving optimal use from residual heat; Van Abeelen loves the environment and is constantly looking for ways to conserve it. For ourselves, as well as for future generations.

Natural refrigerants are better for the environment

Working with natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 and propane is a matter of course for us.

For some installations, additional alternatives exist; sometimes a good alternative cannot be used and some synthetic refrigerants are still permitted. Synthetic refrigerants (HCFCs) will slowly but surely be phased out and eventually be banned due to the harm they cause to the environment.

If you still possess a refrigeration installation which operates with a synthetic refrigerant, for example, R404a or R507a, we would be delighted to advise you on various options for replacing it with a natural refrigerant, or converting the installation.

Environmental Legislation

Van Abeelen Groep complies with strict environmental legislation. We are affiliated with the NVKL, the industry-related association for air treatment and cooling technology. On the NVKL site, you will find information on legislation within our field of expertise.

Innovation for the Environment and Refrigeration Technology

Van Abeelen develops various innovative products in-house. These include the solar fridge and the fridge-freezer container. This container can be used in locations where there are no energy sources other than sufficient sun. With its compact construction, this container is suitable for both land and sea transport and is able to operate 100% without an external power source.

Possible applications include: disaster deployment, military operations, Red-Cross utilities etc.

Would you like to know more about environmental legislation?

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