Air-conditioning is indispensable for a comfortable indoor climate. Mono-split air-conditioning (A/C), multi-split air-conditioning, or VRV systems; Van Abeelen is an expert in smart air-conditioning systems that are energy efficient and also make optimal use of residual heat. We all know air-conditioners which cool the indoor air and drain the heat out. However, it can also work the other way around. To do this, we connect the air-conditioning system to a heat pump. The indoor climate maintains a consistent balance via advanced PLC technology.

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Air-Conditioning Systems with Investment Deductions for Companies

Companies that connect air-conditioning systems to a heat pump could be eligible for an Energy Investment Deduction (EIA), due to the environment-friendliness of this specific kind air-conditioning installation.

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Three Types of Air-Conditioning Systems

We differentiate between three types of air conditioning systems.

Mono-Split A/C

A mono-split A/C system is one where we connect an inner component to an outer one. This system is mainly used for cooling or heating one room with an air-conditioning system.

Multi-Split A/C

With a multi-split air conditioning system, an outer component is connected to up to five inner components. This system is mainly used for cooling several smaller spaces.

VRV or VRF System

A VRV or VRF system is one in which multiple inner components are connected to one or more outer components. This results in a very convenient and energy-efficient climate technology system. These installations can be performed as a so-called two or three-pipe system. A two-pipe system can cool or heat, while a three-pipe system can cool and heat simultaneously.

Model of internal parts of air conditioners

The internal elements of A/C units come in a number of versions.

Wandmodel airco

Wall-Mounted A/C Model

The A/C wall model is the most commonly used inner component. It’s cost-friendly and very effective.

Plafondonderbouw airco

A/C Ceiling Sub-Structure

We place the A/C ceiling model in larger rooms, where the air has to be blown in a certain direction.

Cassettemodel airco

Cassette Model A/C

The cassette model A/C is often mounted onto a suspended ceiling. The air blows out on four sides, resulting in better overall air distribution.

Kanaal- of satellietmodel airco

Channel or Satellite Model A/C

his satellite model A/C is mainly used in combination with outlet grids. With these installations, the grids are often incorporated into a ceiling, with the A/C unit placed above it. By blowing out through grids, optimal air distribution can be achieved, with a minimum of annoying drafts.

Service and Maintenance

An A/C system requires regular maintenance, for example, because it works on cold fluid. Of course, our 24-hour service is always available.

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