De Koning Vlees, Zwijndrecht

De Koning Vlees was founded in 1910 as a butcher’s shop and has since grown to become a supplier of meat products to the large-scale consumer. It is a real family business, where the fourth generation is now at the helm.

With the current cooling and freezing tunnel, De Koning Vlees cannot run the production that it has in mind. Van Abeelen Koeltechniek and Van Abeelen Food Processing Technology joined forces. Together with the customer, they looked for the optimum solution with the widest possible application area for their freezer for their products.

Our solution is an individually quick frozen installation for an optimal production line. The meat comes out of the oven onto the cooling/freezing tunnel where the first phase is cooling, the energy/heat that is released is used elsewhere. The next stage is freezing the meat without loss of quality. For the various products with different formats and compositions, Van Abeelen has examined how long the machine must run and how cold the cooling process must be. Van Abeelen Food Processing Technology has gone through a test process in its own workshop, whereby the freezing times have been validated and a design has been made on that basis.

The products are cooled using natural refrigerant CO2, an environmentally friendly solution. The installation is also equipped with a heat recovery system, which uses the energy from the cooling process to heat a large water supply via the central system. This water is used for production and cleaning, among other things.

We have recently installed the new tunnel at De Koning Vlees. Thanks to good preparation, planning and consultation with De Koning Vlees, the replacement of the old tunnel will briefly interrupt production.

Because of the use of natural refrigerants, there are subsidy options available that make the optimisation of your production line even more interesting. Please contact us for our possibilities.

We thank De Koning Vlees for this beautiful order and RBK Group for the cooperation.

Van Abeelen Group d.d. January 2022